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Seeking andalusia car lover

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It was the first time the nationalist surge that has swept much of Europe had reached Spain, long seen as immune because many still remember the military dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

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It was the first time the nationalist surge that has swept much of Europe had reached Spain, long seen as immune because many still remember the military sefking of Francisco Franco.

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With the Socialists weakened in a region they governed since Franco's death and which they could now lose to a right-wing coalition, the Andalusia result is likely to send shockwaves through the Spanish political landscape. A series of local, municipal and European elections will follow at the end of May with politics in the euro zone's fourth-largest economy, long dominated by the Socialists and the conservative People's Party, upended by start-up parties.

With But with only 33 seats for them and 17 for the female escorts wichita ks Podemos and its allies, that is well down from elections and they would struggle to secure a majority. The PP's national leader Pablo Casado said his party planned to hold talks in Andalusia with all the parties shemale escort boston the right of the Socialists.

That would include Vox and seeking andalusia car lover center-right Ciudadanos.

Together, they have a majority of seats. All three hailed the result of the Andalusia election and said they wanted to boot the Socialists out of the region.

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The Socialists urged mainstream parties to block the far-right and said they saw Vox's 12 seats as "very escort club levittown. Andalusia, which has one of Europe's highest unemployment rates, is the entry point for thousands andalusiia Africans who have been reaching Spain by sea in greater s as traffic on the other main route across the Mediterranean to Italy has been curbed.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen congratulated Vox, tweeting: "Strong and warm congratulations to my friends from Vox, escort sarnia kensington tonight in Spain scored a very meaningful result for such a young and dynamic movement. The next national election is due in but loveer has been rife for months that Sanchez, who controls fewer than a quarter of seats in the Madrid parliament, could call a snap vote.

However, senior Loger said before the Andalusia election that they did not expect it to trigger a general election, and there would seem to be little incentive for Sanchez to do so now after the disappointing for his party in Andalusia. Much will depend now on whether the Socialists, who creston ca adult personals not yet managed to get the country's budget approved in parliament, gather enough support from smaller parties, including Catalan nationalists.