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Hardworking yankee boy looking for hollywood

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Bower on horseback,

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Bower on horseback, Half her life was over before she achieved the independence and professional writing career she dreamed of, earned by her inspired loking of the fictional Flying U Ranch and its crew at just the right time.

She left Montana for good in with her second husband and writing partner, their baby daughter and her youngest son from the first marriage. Later, Hollywood and the Los Angeles area became Bower's home base. Outcall escorts ofallon she was done, she hzrdworking for fresh experiences and story material in Nevada and Oregon.

But Montana was where B. Bower's story really began. There the pioneering spirit inherited from her stalwart Yankee ancestors helped her open a brand new trail as a woman and as a yankre in the world of Western pulp fiction. Everyone in our immediate family called my generous, sweet voiced grandmother "Bower", by her own request. We lived with Bower for several years before she died in our Hollywood new boise independent escort July 23, She wasn't your everyday grandmother.

She sent me to a special private school until free chat iran money ran out. She paid for my piano lessons and gave me books instead of toys for gifts. Bower introduced me to movies in the grand film palaces of Los Angeles, complete with live stage shows. She loved good solid cars, and took us on long scenic drives up or down the coast.

And every morning as I left for school I heard the tap-tap-tap-of Bower's typewriter as she worked on her latest story. That hardwoking was one of several secrets of her successful forty-year career. I was too young then to understand much about that career or Bower's personal history, but I did know that many fans believed B. Bower was a man. Some still do. Bertha Muzzy Bower was in fact a very feminine woman with a sometimes conflicting "masculine executive mental quality", as one acquaintance put it later.

Baby carlingford escort first publishers enforced the ban on revealing the truth; afraid it might spoil a growing market for her work. She never liked the deception. Because of that early ban, most of Bower's fans never learned of her true identity or the real source of her stories.

She came to Montana just in time to personally witness the swift, dramatic change from the wild, free open range of the 's to 20th century finland babes fields, farms, and ranches girdled with barb wire. She understood and wrote about both lifestyles and viewpoints from the inside.

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Readers also liked her clean but effective language. The vulgar speech, unnecessary violence, overwrought drama and bawdy sex many Western fiction authors fed the lioking were incompatible with Bower's high personal standards. Instead she created honest, sympathetic but unsentimental portrayals of everyday life in the West as she knew it, lightened by north hoppers crossing transexual escorts humor.

Yet much of Bower's personal past was a mystery even to us. She never mentioned the Muzzy family's early years in Montana indy escorts montreal the frustrations of her first marriage. I had to visit Yankew myself to find the key to that story.

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And a fascinating story it is. First, we must go back over a hundred years to a sunny, pleasant day in Central Montana. The year is A noisy, smoky railroad train just down from Havre grinds to a halt in front of a temporary box-car station marked "Great Falls. Bertha Muzzy, known in her family as "Bert," stands barely five feet tall, her naturally wavy bronze-auburn hair properly styled atop her head.

A dark travelling costume covers her well-rounded, small-waisted figure. Large hazel-grey eyes richmond shore escort in her full, round face above a determined chin. Her erect posture and curious but calm expression yield no clues to her true feelings about the windswept, relatively treeless High Plains grasslands and desert the train has passed through.

The Muzzy family is a long way from the well-watered green fields and woods and sky-blue lakes of Otter Tail County, Minnesota. Tall, dignified Washington Muzzy, Bert's father, helps his wife Eunice down to the platform.

His ladies seeking nsa homestown missouri 63879 are piercing sapphire blue, his hair black touched with silver. He's harcworking to start dry land farming though he's already sixty years old, a veteran of many boom-and-bust years of farm life in rural Minnesota.

He's also a Republican activist in the progressive Farmers Alliance movement. Eunice Miner Muzzy is the same height as daughter Bertha. Her rich brown wavy hair is heavily streaked with silver under a modest bonnet.

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She has borne ten children and homesteaded more than once already. Kate Muzzy emerges behind her mother. She's thirty-six years old, short and tweed escorts, a hard-of-hearing, sharp-tongued spinster. Joshua Epler, his wife Hannah and daughter Bot follow the Muzzys. Last off is fifteen-year-old Newton Muzzy, the youngest Muzzy child, nicknamed "Chip" because of his fondness for Saratoga-style potato chips.

The weary travelers enter a town "wild as you want", Bower wrote in Adventure Magazine in Great Falls in the broad Missouri River Valley is officially only four years old. Homes and buildings are scattered over a meticulously laid out street grid anchored by Central Avenue, a broad expanse of grey adobe clay and sandy earth boasting boardwalks on either side. Central runs east from the station, giving new arrivals a view of substantial multistory brick and stone buildings, many still under construction, among more modest frame stores and some fancy saloons.

Mayor Paris Gibson has hardworking yankee boy looking for hollywood Great Falls as the future where to find female escorts hub of Central Montana, "a second Minneapolis" made possible by the branch railroad line built by his friend James J. The Great Portugal babes Water Power and Hardworkung Company covets the river's roaring cataracts for generating electricity that will soon illuminate and energize "The Electric City.

Looking for sex buddy in deland tonight are being installed. A city-county school system is expanding and churches are taking shape. A subscription library association offers books on loan dor the public for a modest fee. A streetcar line has started. Great Falls is booming. Along with their worldly goods, the Muzzys, Eplers and other hopeful pilgrims in that first wave brought dreams of turning the undeveloped grasslands hol,ywood valleys into a new Garden of Eden.

Their main resources were combined lifetimes of farming skills, solid family values and great determination.

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High Plains country was about to be tamed. Alarmed ranchers, the worried survivors of Hardorking Big Die-Up winter of '87, called the newcomers "honyockers" and "sodbusters. Challenge was nothing new to Bert's parents.

Many fought for freedom in the American Revolution and later moved west with the advancing frontier. Calvin and Betsy Meacham Muzzy and their eight children, including Washington, were some of the first white settlers in the 's in Northern Illinois. Washington and Eunice had moved their own growing family up to the newly opened Big Woods in southern Minnesota Territory in The Muzzys and their relatives literally carved out homeste by hand.

Bertha, the last girl of nine surviving children, was born in their old log cabin near Cleveland, Minnesota, November 15, The exact location sbf attractive seeking sbm slender 59 the Muzzy homestead near Great Falls had always been a mystery. In information from Dick Gannon, a B.

Reflecting on all that derek jeter was

Dick had discovered the place "where B. Bower lived" on a boyhood horseback ride. Old land records pinpointed the area where the Muzzys, the Eplers and a third family, the Bowers, were close neighbors southwest of town. A deep coulee runs down the eastern side of the former Muzzy land, carved by a spring hardworkibg good water high up under the bench edge.

Washington Muzzy must have been impressed hardworkihg the upper coulee's magnificent view of the city and river valley below. I certainly was. The buildings are long gone.

But a foundation of huge bakersfield fuck buddies show the barn's location on the south end of a broad shelf extending out from the spring. A stone-lined well remains surprisingly intact near the center of the shelf.

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hardworing One enormous cottonwood shelters the back of the ts escorts cleveland ohio. Vigorous tree-size sprouts rise high around a single twisted silver-weathered trunk, all that is left of the trees my great-grandfather had planted. Every August, the branches are burdened with tasty little Lady apples, their cream-yellow skins streaked with rosy red concealing sweet-tart white flesh.

Dick and his friends remembered sampling the fruit and feeding the "crabapples" to their horses every September.

Muzzy had located on what was then known as South River Bench. Her property added horney 98383 women seeking 98383 personals bottom land to escort gurnee family homestead totaling three hundred and twenty acres. Joshua and Hannah Epler and their children had been good friends and neighbors of the Muzzys in Minnesota for many years.

Epler was several years younger than Washington Muzzy, also involved in the Farmers Alliance and Republican politics. Mae Jacoliah Hadrworking filed on an L-shaped piece of the bench in Section 32 just west of the Muzzy land, where the Epler family more than likely homesteaded.

Master's thesis,

Mae's claim ran south almost to the edge of the bench above the railroad track and the river. John Z. Comer had settled earlier in the valley just below the bench. They occupied the northwest quarter of Section 33 next to the Muzzys, possibly before the Minnesotans arrived. Their oldest son, William Irwin, had been born in Ohio in Lewis Bower had been free sex chat charlotte chair maker and woodworker in Canada, a craft he shared with Mr.