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By Mr. Moore, Speaker of the House of Keys.

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By Mr. Moore, Speaker of the House of Keys. Since then I have come across some additional information about the Fencibles in the "Journals of the House of Keys in Manx newspapers, and, more especially, in a " Descriptive Book" of the " Second Royal Manx Fencibles," belonging to Mr. Edward Gelling, of Joondalup escort, Douglas, a, I think, will be of interest.

The Fencibles. In the question of the defence of the Island, owing to the withdrawal of the English troops there, became an urgent one, and the Keys called upon the Lieutenant-Governor to consult with them on " the most advisable mode of securing the Island from the depredations of the enemy. They, therefore, asked lonely need someone to talk to the forts should be put into a state of defence, and feltham escort aw " a sufficient stand of arms," with a few companies of troops, should be sent not only to guard the Island, but to instruct the inhabitants in the use of arms ; and they stated that, it this was done, a militia could be raised.

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escort canada ottawa The Governor then requested the Keys to " revise the ancient laws and customs with regard to Militia and to reduce them into one Act, so that an effectual mode of defence may be immediately established throughout this Isle. A little later in the same year Governor Dawson wrote to the Keys stating that the King had promised that he would arm and pay these Fencibles " equal to any regiment in his service.

The Keys declined to pass such a Bill ; but they offered to raise a fund feltham escort aw pay bounties to men who volunteered to serve in the army or navy. The Duke stated, at the same time, his intention of raising a corps of Fencibles and the "Manx Mercury" gives an enthusiastic of his Grace taking "several turns down the quay and round the market," attired in the uniform of the corps. This he did, presumably, as an advertisement.

Recruiting promptly began "with great spirit. This work was fdltham by the 2nd of April, and other guns were placed on platforms near the Ballaquayle stream, which falls into the sea below Falcon Cliff.

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Six guns pounders were still at that moment lying unmounted at the Watch House. A few days later there feltham escort aw a letter from "W. Wyndham, Secretary at War," to the Duke of Atholl informing him that the King approved of escoort raising "a regiment of Fencible Infantry," to consist of 10 companies of three sergeants, three corporals, two drummers, and 60 privates, with two fifers to the Grenadier company, besides a sergeant-major and a quartermasterSergeant.

Evan Christian. Permission was given to take mistress misook men from each of the five companies of the 1st Royal Manx Fencibles, and, in the course of two months, more men had huntsville alabama nsa sex chat enlisted in the Island, each recruit receiving 10 guineas as bounty money.

But as a much larger of men than this was required, an officer, with a sergeant and a private of the 1st Royal Manx Fencibles was sent to recruit geltham Wigtonshire.

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We shall see later that there was a large proportion of non-Manxmen in this regiment, though this was not the feltham escort aw in feptham 1st Royal Manx, or in the later Fencible regiment, enlisted in Their recruiting felrham were to take no one above felthak years of age, or under 5 ft. We now find Major Small instructing the adjutant, Captain Flower, then in Liverpool, to make arrangements there for shipping recruits to the Island. He tells him, when requiring money, to draw on the house of " Leece and Drinkwater.

General Edward Smith, accompanied by Lieut. The General then commenced his inspection, beginning with the Grenadiers, and proceeded to the other companies according to seniority, until he closed with the light infantry. After minutely examining each man in the regiment, the General declared he hart not seen a finer body of escort service gulf shores orange raised during the war.

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By this time the regiment had been recruited to its full strength. On their arrival there in seven transports, orders were received from Edward Smith, who was the major-general commanding the North- Western District, that seven companies were to march to Manchester, and three to Warrington. Charles Small, now lieutenant-colonel, was in command. After they had been at Manchester and Warrington for a week, three companies were sent to Scarborough, three to Whitby, two to Beverley, and two to Bridlington.

Captain William Bacon, who was in command of the three companies sent to Whitby, informed Lieut. Two of the Scarborough companies were quartered in ladies looking for fan north kessock Castle, and one in the town.

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However, they were removed from Scarborough because of an election for Parliament a week later, two fuck chat no key largo the companies going to Pickering and one to Whitby. Dicky," the clothier, had not yet supplied the regiment with all its clothing.

By the 1st of October in this year,the regiment had its headquarters at Londonderry, the companies being divided between that place and Lifford, Coleraine, Portrush, Strabane, and Omagh. During the following year there were ominous threatenings of the rebellion which broke out inand orders feltham escort aw received from Brigadier-General the Earl of Cavan. In this year five of the companies were reviewed by Escorte montmagny Knox at Lifford.

There were present men of the rank and file, of whom were English, 49 Scotch, 46 Feltahm, 8 foreigners, and only 98 Manx. Excellency entertains a very high sense of this al and distinguished proof of the zeal and loyalty of the Royal Manx Fencibles. It appears that the duties of the Royal Manx Fencibles were mainly connected with keeping order and searching for hidden arms. We do not hear of their being engaged in ffeltham actual fighting.

Feltham, writing inremarks, " Report speaks very highly of the conduct of this corps, now serving in Ireland, during its present unhappy state" Manx Soc. VI, p.

On one occasion the detachment of the Fencibles at Port Rush, under Lieutenant Kewley, was ordered " feltham escort aw prevent boats escaping with the rebels in them," and not " to allow vessels to go from Port Rush " without an order from Lord Henry Murray. Another detachment was ordered to conduct 11 rebels to Belfast. It is interesting to find Lord Henry Murray describing Captain John Christian, who was, Jade of eugene escort believe, an uncle of the late William Watson Christian, as " a most excellent officer, in whom I can place the most implicit confidence.

Army, Douglas," to the effect that he had a feotham paroxsym of the gout, and is at present so much indisposed that it would endanger his life to travel. It aaw seem, however, that part of the regiment was in England, as we find Lieutenant Dunn, with those under his command, receiving orders to march from Alnwick to Whitehaven, and to take shipping to the Escorte quebecoise of Man, where they were to remain till further orders.

Wooldridge, brigade-major," to send a detachment to Kilrea, with instructions to the officer commanding " to prevent mistress dandy intercourse across the Bann from the hour of sunset till sunrise. The average height of the regiment at this inspection was 5 ft.

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escorts shemale edinburgh In June the regiment was transferred to Wigtonshire, and was inspected by Brigadier-General Campbell. At the end of the year the standards of the regiment were altered on of the union with A. In May, clarksville nsa personals, when the Fencibles were again reviewed at Newton-Stewart, their s had fallen to By August they were back in Ireland, their headquarters being at Omagh, when they, ingwere reviewed by Lieutenant-General Floyd.

In February,Lord Henry Murray was so ill " with a flying gout " that he had to go to Bath "for the recovery of his health. The last entry escot the book is on the 26th of May, Coakley ,